East Coast Ghost Trackers

My name is Ken Ort and I reside with my wife, Deb, in Glenburn, Maine. I started dabbling in paranormal
investigating in 2002 by going to local cemeteries and friends’ houses with basic tape recorders and our
home video recorder. In 2005 I met Jamie Dube and found we had a similar interest in the paranormal and
he became my cofounder of East Coast Ghost Trackers (ECGT). Since that time we have added to our
paranormal equipment multiple versions of video and audio recorders and several varieties of items to
attract spirits and to try to see, hear and communicate with them. As a team we enjoy volunteering at Fort
Knox in Prospect, Maine, by giving tours to people who are interested in the paranormal. We also
investigate homes, business, etc. at no charge to confirm spirits and in some cases to help families rid their homes of positive and negative spirits. I became interested in the afterlife and spirits at an early age. My oldest sister passed away in a tragic drowning accident when she was 4 years old. Throughout the years I believe I have felt her presence at various times and have found this comfort. I have always had a respect for death and belief that there is something after. With my co-founder Jamie and the rest of our ECGT team, we travel throughout the state of Maine trying to communicate and confirm the existence of spirits—as I know we are not alone and the
only thing we need to know is that ‘THERE IS NOTHING TO FEAR BUT FEAR ITSELF’.

Eli H. Poulin - 35.7 years old is our social media director/videographer/investigator extraordinaire.
He is President and founder of Maine Media Solutions - one of Maine's most trusted social media and
video production companies. Mr. Poulin is a devoted husband, ghost tracking enthusiast, and DeLorean
fanatic. Our gluten-free friend immediately fit in with our ECGT family since he joined on a crisp, snowy
evening in January years ago. His out of this world humor, positivity and kindness are all vital to the
functionality of our entire team. His enthusiasm for the paranormal has been a lifelong love.
"I've witnessed a lot of unexplainable, even unimaginable things in my life… I believe that these events
happened specifically to me so I can be educated about what is beyond this world."

    Jamie R Dube

      Amanda McDonald

I am Amanda McDonald, I am 24 years old. I have been living in the greater Bangor, Maine area my entire
life and love my home state. My love for Maine is one of the reasons I decided to attend the New England
School of Communications for Radio Broadcasting. After graduating in 2014 I was quickly hired at
Townsquare Media acting as morning show co-host on 95.7FM and mid-day DJ for the number one station in
the market, Q106.5FM. It honestly couldn’t make me happier and doesn’t feel like a job most days. That,
along with my ability to be involved with people in the community are exactly what I love about the job. I am a
talker who loves to meet new, and interesting people. I love nature, music, adventure and animals. My two
cats, Sheep and Butter are my spoiled fur children. Even though I am a talker I also am a very good listener
and I am always trying to learn and retain everything Im taught because it never hurts to be well rounded!
That’s one of the reasons I got involved in ghost hunting! I have always have had a ‘can’t knock it till you
tried it’ attitude and how could I say there is no such thing as ghosts if I had never tried to see if there were. 5
years later and I am absolutely hooked! I joined the East Coast Ghost Trackers in 2010 and we have really
become a family. I can’t explain some of the things I have seen and that makes me want to know more. One
of the best parts of hunting is going to really neat destinations with rich history. I am a huge history buff,
which might explain my antique collection. Unfortunately I have rarely had the opportunity to leave Maine but
that doesn’t mean I don’t want to. I hope to experience as much as possible in my life no matter what it is!
I’m still young and know this is only the beginning

Katrina was born in 1981 and raised in Cheboygan, Michigan. After moving to Maine in 2008, she began working with animals at a local store. She also found herself volunteering with several local animal rescue groups and running a local parrot rescue group. Her interest in the paranormal began when she was a child. Her Great Aunt introduced her to the world of the supernatural by telling the children ghost stories. Growing up in Michigan also gave her the opportunity to work on Mackinac Island, a place in known as being one of the most haunted places in Michigan. After losing her mother to a battle with Diabetes, Katrina and her siblings all started encountering the same unexplainable paranormal phenomena. It led them to believe that it was their mother reinforcing the fact that she would always be with them. Her interest in the paranormal continued to haunt her through the years, leading her to seeking out others who have had similar
experiences. Following a ghost tour at Fort Knox in Prospect, Maine Katrina met the members of East Coast Ghost Trackers in 2012 and the rest became history.

      Ken Ort

East Coast Ghost Trackers, LLC. is a paranormal
investigating group based out of Brewer, Maine. We have
investigated numerous locations across Maine in an effort
to document evidence of paranormal activity. We hope to
provide answers to our clients with clear and solid proof
of what they are experiencing. We do investigate
business and tourist attractions but our primary focus is
on families, especially those with children.

     Eli Poulin

Jamie R Dube is forty six years old, married and has two children. He was born in Lincoln Maine on May
twenty-third, nineteen sixty-nine growing up in Howland Maine, graduating from Penobscot Valley High in
1987. Jamie then went to college and studied criminal law and became a police officer at the age of twenty
three. He now lives in Orrington, Maine and has his own business running a jewelry store in Bangor, Maine.
His fascination with the paranormal began when he was a police officer in his mid twenties. At that time, a
major incident happened to him, making him question the unknown. From that point on Jamie continued to
study and investigate all aspects of the paranormal. In 2005 he met Kenneth Ort, together they built a
paranormal team called the East Coast Ghost Trackers. Since the beginning through now Jamie has been
the Co- Founder of team based in Brewer, Maine. In 2014 Jamie wrote a book which took him a year to
complete. This book contains real life paranormal stories of him helping families in need. His goal and
mission is to find out more for the world about what happens after you die. Jamie says, “That is the big
question every human being has and if I can provide some answers to the questions then my mission would
be complete.”

Peter Farrar Born and raised in the backwoods of Maine, Peter was always fascinated with the paranormal at an early age especially by UFO's and Bigfoot. Peter's passion for video making and the paranormal is what led him to be part of the East Coast Ghost Trackers. While attending a paranormal fair back in 2009 he was in attendance for a lecture presented by E.C.G.T. By chance, the team commented on a television pilot they were self-producing. Afterward he approached founders Ken Ort and Jamie Dube to volunteer his services as a cameraman. With years of experience as an NPPA photojournalist under his belt he figured asking them couldn't hurt. All they could say was “no” right? Unfortunately, they already had hired someone to co-produce and shoot the pilot for them. Later in the day as he was leaving the fair, he stumbled upon Ken and Jamie in
the parking lot. They approached him and informed him that there was a spot on the team for a camera operator/video tech and would he be interested...the rest is history. Not only does Peter bring years of experience as a videographer to the team but, he also brings a passion for technology as well. One of his proudest accomplishment was designing and developing the team's “Ghost Tracker” device utilizing motion-capture cameras and software. He currently has other projects in the works. If Peter's not ghost hunting he can be found at the local watering hole playing guitar with his longtime friends in their band, Whiz Pickle.